Saturday, March 03, 2007

On the Way to Florida RT07-8a

We drove from South Carolina through to Florida on Wednesday. As we left it was about 65 degrees. I watched the numbers climb slowly higher on our dashboard.

Deciding we would stop to eat somewhere in Jacksonville and thinking a good place to look for would be Olive Garden. Salad & soup would be fast and healthier than a burger. We pulled off once we were in the city to get gas and call information to find the closest location.

A very long story short, we drove onto and off the highway, through several areas and after quickly determining we wouldn't find an OG, were just hoping for a nice, sit-down restaurant. Not fast food. Somewhere we could rest and eat something that wouldn't mess with our insides. It took almost an hour, but we finally pulled into Sam's.

It just seemed right to have seafood since we were almost on the coast. I had Mahi Mahi and it truly tasted almost like chicken. And hush puppies! We surely don't have those anywhere up north! So tasty.

However, no offense to anyone who lives there, and I'm sure it's not as bad as we imagined, but I am really not fond of Jacksonville. No thank you.

But we made it to Andy's Grandma's just fine. She has the cutest little condo on the fourth floor (we tried to make it a point to climb the stairs)

Thursday morning she wanted to take us out for breakfast on the beach and we surely weren't
going to argue with that! It was sunny and warm and fabulous eating our eggs and toast and staring out at the ocean in Bradenton.

A stroll along the beach and watching the water roll in and the sunbathers bathing made for a wonderful, relaxing morning before driving down to Fort Myers.


Hillary said...

OH to be sunbathing at the edge of those waters right now! I am supremely jealous! :)

anne said...

I'm pretty jealous too, Hills...

Jean said...

That sounds like lovely bliss...